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Let Dr. Bradley make your next event a huge success

Dr. Michael J. Bradley is a practicing adolescent psychologist, an award-winning author, and a charismatic public speaker who has enthused standing-room-only crowds from Connecticut to California. He charms audiences with wit, wisdom, compassion, and humility, speaking from the heart, and drawing on the experiences gained in his 30-year professional career. He is equally popular with parents, teachers, counseling professionals, and of course, with teenagers themselves. 

Who is Dr. Bradley?

Michael J. Bradley, Ed.D., is the award-winning author of Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy! and other books for teens and parents. He has appeared on hundreds of TV and radio shows across the country, including NBC's The Today Show and CNN.  He is frequently quoted in the press and has been featured in many magazines and newspapers, including USA Today, Rolling Stone, Parents Magazine and The Boston Globe

After earning a Doctorate from Temple University, Dr. Bradley went on to a 30-year career working with adolescents in every imaginable treatment setting from prisons to prep schools. Because he is an expert on adolescence, school administrators often ask him to work with grieving students and faculty members after traumatic events such as 9/11. 

Dr. Bradley is much in demand as a speaker, traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada conducting seminars and workshops for teens, parents, counselors, and teachers. Top

Why is he special?

Dr. Bradley gives parents real-world advice, strategies, and methods they can put to use to achieve immediate results.  He takes you inside your teenager’s head and shows you why teens think and behave the way they do.  He shows you how to restore lines of communication, transform relations with your teen, and make your family whole again. As the father of a teenaged son and a pre-teen daughter, Dr. Bradley has the in-the-trenches experience that can only come from parenthood. Professionally, he’s worked with students, parents, and teachers for 30 years.

Dr. Bradley is approachable and accessible. He writes a bi-monthly eNewsletter and he takes time to personally answer questions on his Topwebsite.

What do parents, counselors, and event organizers say about Dr. Bradley?

"WOW!  Dr. Bradley dazzled a group of almost 500 parents of teenagers here in south Orange County, California.

Thank you so much for all of your help getting this program to happen.  My head is still in the clouds.  We are always happy to have 25 people show up for PTA events so to have almost 500 show up is astounding. I collected an evaluation form from about 30% of the crowd.  I haven't studied them yet, but at first glance the program was rated off the charts and exceeded all expectations. 

Again, thanks for your help and support of our event."

Fran Sdao

CUCPTSA Parent Education

"We were fortunate to have Dr. Bradley come to the Michigan PTSA annual convention to be one of our keynotes, as well as a workshop presenter.  I wish Mike could be cloned so that as many people as possible could benefit from his expertise! 

Mike's kindly humor and calming demeanor made listening to him an absolute pleasure, kind of like a hot fudge sundae for the soul!   We received so many wonderful comments on Mike, but they all said pretty much the same thing--"Where has he been for the past (fill in the blank) years, and when can he come back?"

Sue Bellows

Immediate Past President

Michigan PTSA

"I just wanted to let you know how much your book and your visit to our school to talk with parents and teachers has catapulted our efforts to reach parents, and how much we have learned from your book, Yes, Your Teen is Crazy! We are learning to reach out to them from the perspective you gave in your book. It has helped to change families and to change lives. Thank you again, and anytime you want to come back, you are more than welcome!"

Sheryl Scott
A concerned parent in Boise, Idaho

“I can't tell you how broadly people smile when they talk about your presentation.  It's amazing how many Dads have had such an immediate response to parenting issues.  The hope and encouragement are downright infectious!  Some of our Council members who have young children now asked if we could bring you back in a few years, when their kids are at the teenage stage.  I told them I'd organize it in a heartbeat, if Council wants to do it again!  We'll try to bring you out next time with better weather.”

Nancy Pierce

President, Jordan Middle School PTA

Burbank, CA


All the disagreements between my 15-year-old daughter and me had escalated into loud, face-to-face confrontations with me issuing ultimatums and my daughter stomping off to her room yelling as she went up the stairs.

One day, my wife pulled me aside and told me our high school district offered classes or seminars specifically designed to help parents communicate with their teens and that there was one being offered the next evening. I immediately agreed to go and hoped for the best.

The following evening changed not only my life but that of everyone in my family. Dr. Mike Bradley was the speaker at Glenbard High School District’s “Navigating Healthy Families” session. Dr. Bradley started out by describing dysfunctional parenting skills and why they don’t work. He explained everything using real-world examples and I left the meeting feeling like I had a chance to change things with my daughter. That night, I also bought Dr. Bradley’s’ book, “Yes, Your Teen is Crazy”. This, for me, is the absolute Bible on how to understand the world your teen is living in and how to begin to communicate.

Within two weeks of that seminar, I could start to feel some changes. After two months, all the stress in the house was gone. By four months, I was receiving notes from both my daughters thanking me for my efforts. The most surprising part is that only one person in the house really changed and that was me. I realized I had two pretty solid kids. I learned what to ignore, sort of, and how to identify issues that needed more attention. I also learned nothing is more important than raising our kids to be healthy, responsible, self-reliant young adults. For me, the message and method used by Dr. Bradley was the first effective tool that opened the door through which I was able to begin reaching my teens.

Bob Rettger, parent to two teen daughters



What are his credentials?

Dr. Bradley is a licensed clinical psychologist with a doctoral degree in psychology from Temple University.  He is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Pennsylvania Psychological Association (PPA), and is a Diplomate and Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners. He is also certified by the American Psychological Association College of Professional Psychology for the Treatment of Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders (APA-CPP).  His own on-going training qualifies him to offer continuing education units (CEU’s) at the seminars and workshops he conducts for professionals.

Dr. Bradley has appeared on numerous TV programs, including The Today Show, CNN, and Good Morning, America, and has been featured on the number one news programs in many of the nation’s major cities. He has also been a guest on hundreds of radio shows coast-to-coast.

Along the way, Dr. Bradley has garnered accolades for both his work and his writing.  In recognition of his innovative program for dealing with dysfunctional adolescents, Dr. Bradley received the William Penn Humanitarian Award, Commission on Human Relations.  His books have received a total of eight awards, including several from prestigious parenting organizations such as Parents’ Choice and The National Parenting Center.


What kind of presentations does Dr. Bradley offer?
  • Keynote Address (45-60 minutes)

Each speech is tailored to meet the needs of the sponsoring organization to address mission-relevant concerns or topics.

  • Parent Seminar: YES, YOUR TEEN IS CRAZY! (90-120 minutes)

To help parents cope with the often crazy teen years, Dr. Bradley offers a funny, scary, and empowering session that includes 30-45 minutes of Q&A (which he refers to as “quarrels and arguments”).

  • Parent/Teen Seminar: YES, TEENS AND THEIR PARENTS ARE CRAZY! (2-3 hours)

Parents and kids come together for a joint program designed to facilitate teen/parent communication.

Option I :  Consists of two panels of four participants each, one of teens and one of parents (not related to the teens) who square off in a friendly rivalry to answer questions from the audience.  Refereed (and shamelessly egged on) by Dr. Bradley.  2 hours.

Option II: Consists of a 30-50 minute introductory chat by Dr. Bradley followed by 60-90 minute break-out groups comprised of unrelated teens and parents. In the final 30-40 minutes, the groups reconvene as one large group facilitated by Dr. Bradley to present the findings of their meetings and to decide how to share this wisdom in their schools/communities. 3 hours max.
    (3 hrs with CEU credits)

This professionally-focused seminar has three objectives: (1) Examine recent neurological science which radically redefines our understanding of adolescence; (2) review current cultural trends that traumatically impact teenagers and their families; (3) offer a model of working with teens that incorporates their neurological and cultural needs. Presented in a lighthearted and entertaining fashion, this workshop also includes a 30-minute interactive problem-solving Q&A session.

    (6 hrs with CEU credits)

This is an expanded version of workshop #4, with the second three hours exclusively devoted to interactively addressing common problems of counseling/therapy with adolescents and their families. Topics include resistance, denial, rage, confidentiality, dangerousness, and effective intervention techniques.

  • A program designed to fit your needs

If your organization’s needs do not fall within the above categories, Dr. Bradley will be happy to consider your unique program idea.


What is Dr. Bradley really like? Is there any way to see him before booking him for an event?
What are Dr. Bradley’s fees? 

Contact Sandy McWilliams, 253-468-3010, or sandyhsb@gmail.com, for Dr. Bradley's most recent fee schedule. Top

How can I schedule Dr. Bradley to speak at my organization?

To inquire about Dr. Bradley's availability for your upcoming event, use the e-mail form below or contact Sandy McWilliams at 253-468-3010.


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