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Thread: Any single moms out there who are doing this alone?

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    Any single moms out there who are doing this alone?

    Looking at all the posts I sympathize with all the people who are dealing with co-parenting issues, but I also wondered - is anyone doing this completely on their own? No ex around any longer, no parents to help out, great friends but they aren't able to take over parenting etc for you? Just wondering if there are parents out there flying completely solo.

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    Yes I'm doing this solo and feel like I'm going completley nuts!!

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    I sympathize with single parents. I don't know how you do it, but I applaud your efforts. I go to an ADHD support
    group with single parents and I would say that reaching out to your teen kids' parents is one of the best things you can do. Even if you think they won't be receptive about supporting each other, you might reach out. If that doesn't work,
    consider attending a support group for teen parents or even start your own.


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